Choosing the best silverware for your event

Choosing the best silverware set for your event


If you’re planning an event that involves catering and table setting, chances are you have to decide on a cutlery set. Depending on what kind of event you’re hosting and the mood you’re going for, the appropriate tableware might range from the most classic designs to some very alternative choices.


It would be ideal if everyone planned their decoration based on cutlery (we do love cutlery!), but we both know that’s not how things play out. Usually, hosts choose the tableware based on… well, everything else. 


So, you’ve chosen your colour palette. You’ve chosen your plates, your tablecloths, the wall decorations, the flowers, the souvenirs… Time to choose the best cutlery set for your most important day!



You’re all about classic, romantic and beautiful decorations


You’re planning the wedding of your dreams and you’re going for a romantic vibe. Your colour palette consists of light pink, champagne, pale yellow or mint tones and nothing stands out: everything is in perfect harmony. There are flowers here and there and lace details that maybe match your dress. All that’s missing is… gold! 


For this kind of theme we certainly recommend going with a gold cutlery set that will bring light into your tables, stand out and release a couple of “wows!” from your guests. 


Because balance requires contrast, consider the rest of your tableware. If your plates are elaborate or have drawings on it, go with some modern cutlery with a minimalistic design. However, if your tables are looking a little plain, make the bold choice and go with a classic cutlery set with embossed or engraved details!



Neutral, minimalistic and sophisticated events


Huge, elaborate events aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you’ve decided to keep it simple, you can still have beautiful tables with high quality and well designed items. 


Are you set on a neutral(ish) colour palette and staying away from elaborate patterns and designs that stand out? From where we’re standing, you have two choices:


1. Stick to a silver cutlery set. Make sure you go with a modern design and don’t forget to add a pop of colour on another element so your decor doesn’t end up looking dull.


2. Make your cutlery the main character and vote for the black cutlery set. Black cutlery is super trendy and will make your whole setting look put together and streamlined. 


Either way, minimal designs are the way to go. Take a look at our modern collection.



Colourful, bright and fun decor


You’re a bold decorator and didn’t stay away from colours. Your colour palette includes bright, fun colours such as bubblegum pink, mint green or simple primary colours. Neutral isn’t part of your vocabulary and you don’t mind your decorative items standing out. 


Well, you came to the right blog post. As always, you can play it safe or you can play it cool. Because we have a feeling we know which option you’ll choose, let’s just stick to the cool path. 


If your colour palette is very primary and you’re going with a pop-art-ish sort of mood, we absolutely recommend you go for a black cutlery set to complement it. 


On the other hand, you can choose to incorporate colour into your cutlery and pick out something like our NEO design, which features a very modern coloured handle.



Consider your budget (obviously)


Remember that cutlery is intimate and appeals to the senses: people will not only be seeing it, but they’ll also be touching it and eating with it. Choosing high quality cutlery matters a great deal to the overall experience of your event. 


Good news! Sticking to your budget and still achieving the result you intended to isn’t impossible. Choose a brand you trust and like and ask for something within your budget. Most manufacturers will have affordable alternatives to their high-range products. 


At Belo Inox, our products are segmented into five design categories: modern, classic, timeless, exclusive and alternative. We will work with you to find the best cutlery set for your theme and budget, so you can have the event you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch with us here.

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