The Skin cutlery set, the brand new addition to our Modern collection, is now on retail

After Neo’s huge success, Belo Inox is once again taking the modern approach by launching the bold Skin cutlery set. In a more affordable range than its predecessor, Skin doesn’t leave behind any of the glam, maintaining the level of quality and diversity Neo delivers.


This model aims to break with the clean and minimal trend, showing a fearless texture, strong sharp lines and a wide range of color and finishing choices. Yet, it maintains the level of elegance to which Belo Inox has been accustoming its users with an immense care for dimensions and proportions in its design.


While Skin was thought for everyday use, it’s still perfectly adequate for party tables should you wish to use it. In fact, this cutlery set accounts for all customary 130 pieces and adds a barbecue knife.


The base structure of the pieces is made in 3.5mm stainless steel, giving the user a true sense of quality when holding them. When it comes to colors, you can count on the usual silver, and we’ve added black, blue, champagne, bronze and gold. All colors can be complemented with a shiny, matte or vintage finishing. Furthermore, you can opt for different colors and finishings on the handle and on the upper body, giving your cutlery set a certain uniqueness.


If you’re looking to modernize or refresh your kitchen, opt for the Skin cutlery set. You can find it in several different selling points around the globe or choose an international seller online.

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